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Clay Modeling and Auto Design -- Ford Hybrids and EVs are Earthier than You Think

Automotive design isn't all computers and machines these days. You may assume that much of what goes into creating a car is pretty hands-off, but Ford Motor Co. has released a series of behind-the-scenes videos to disprove that hypothesis.

After Ford's European Design Centre puts pen to paper, modelers but hands to clay to create life-size 3D representations of vehicle concepts. There's something reassuring about a brand that puts a personal, artistic?


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Nature Accepts the Ford Focus Electric as One of its Own

When you think about cars, you generally don't think of them as being a part of the environment. But with the eco-friendly Ford Focus Electric, that might change. In the video below, we can see an artist helping this vehicle become one with the environment.

As you saw in the video, this vehicle didn't have any trouble blending into its environment. The paint certainly helped, but here at Bob Thomas Ford West, we?


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With 2015 around the corner, Ford Ramps up Production of the F-150

Ford may have revolutionized the assembly line generations ago, but that doesn't mean that the team in their engineering department isn't still bringing the freshest sense of innovation to their work every single day.

You've surely heard that the Ford F-150 is getting a redesign for 2015. Meanwhile, folks here in Fort Wayne, IN have been supplying all kinds of demand for the current edition. The same goes for dealerships across the?


Ford Mustang Customization at the 2014 SEMA Show

If you thought the new 2015 Ford Mustang was the height of Mustang greatness, well we have an eye-opener for you; at the 2014 SEMA Show, something truly incredible made an appearance. It's being called the Mustang GT King Cobra and has been built with only Ford racing catalog parts - the kind that are available to everyone - so it's even more impressive! Check the video below to see what it's capable of?


Ford Wants You to Stay Safe

While driving can be a fun and relaxing experience, it soon turns sour when something unexpected happens. One of the worst things that can happen is when a pedestrian walks in front of the car and an accident occurs. Ford knows how dangerous pedestrians can be and so they have created Pedestrian Detection Technology to keep both drivers and pedestrians safe.
Unfortunately this technology is only being released in Europe initially, but we can't?

Shred it Up with the Ford F-150 Raptor SVT

The Ford F-150 Raptor SVT isn't a model that we regularly have in stock here at Bob Thomas Ford West but you better believe that people turn their heads when we do. This very special variant of the Ford F-150 is built for life off the road. It's higher, bigger, more-powerful and more rugged than any other vehicle in the new Ford lineup and it's ready for pretty much anything.

At the?


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