Let BLIS Work for You

Driver assistance tools are now essential and more commonplace than ever, and for a good reason. They make your overall Fort Wayne driving experience better, encourage more alert drivers, and play a key role in preventing accidents when you find yourself in a sticky situation. At the top of the list of the driver assistance technology is the Ford Blind Spot Information System (BLIS), which comes with the following features for its performance:

  • BLIS Trailer Coverage - BLIS utilizes hidden radars in the taillights which detect any vehicle entering your blind spot. It signals yellow on its side mirrors to warn you and the lights stay on until the vehicle leaves the blind spot or changes the lane.
  • Cross Traffic Alert (CTA) - CTA has a similar functionality with BLIS, but it works when you are reversing. If a car wants to enter, then CTA alerts you with three warnings: A flash on the corresponding side mirror, a chime and messaging into the message center.
  • BLIS Trailer System - This one harnesses both the BLIS and CTA to provide safety when towing.

Contact our dealership in Fort Wayne, IN to learn about the Blind Spot Information System.

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