The New Ford Focus RS Sounds And Looks Great

The new Ford Focus RS certainly looks the part of a high performance, compact, hatchback. It is sleek and stylish and seems to be in motion even while parked. It is equipped with the latest in aerodynamic technology and a cutting edge suspension that allows it to handle like a dream, even through the most challenging corners. But I know what you may be thinking, how does it sound playing my favorite music?

The answer is: Fantastic. Ten Sony speakers strategically placed throughout the cabin allow you to hear your favorite tunes in a whole new, high-quality way. The powerful sound system is all controlled using a beautiful LCD-screen that is both touchscreen capable as well as voice controlled. And with patented SYNC technology, hooking up your smartphones and playing music through your vehicle has never been easier.

So download your favorite songs or stream your favorite station while taking the new Ford Focus RS for a test drive today here at Bob Thomas Ford West.



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