Ford Ranger's Space-Age Technology Keeps You Safe

Since 2012, Ford's Lane-Keeping System has helped drivers stay inside their lane of travel. Once activated, the Lane-Keeping System's five-way control can be used to adjust the system while keeping both hands firmly on the wheel.

With controls built into the left side of the steering wheel, Alert Mode vibrates the steering wheel with three short bursts, letting you know you are drifting into another lane. Aid Mode actively adjusts the wheel, applying torque to keep the vehicle from drifting. Acting together, they work to maximize safety. The Lane-Keeping System automatically disengages when the turn signal is activated.

Working in combination with the Lane-Keeping System is the Blind Spot Information System (BLIS). The BLIS, using radar sensors helps to detect vehicles entering the driver's blind spot. The BLIS warns you with a lighted indicator on the matching side view mirror. Shift into reverse, and the BLIS switches to Cross-Traffic Alert mode, detecting approaching vehicles as far qs 45 feet away.



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