A Revealed Look At Ford Flex Comfort Features

When it comes to three-row, mid-sized SUVs, the Ford Flex is one of the most popular choices out there. Thanks to its many comfort features, the Flex can allow up to seven passengers to enjoy ample head, shoulder and legroom. Here are some of the top comfort features of the current generation Ford Flex.

The third row of a mid-sized SUV can be hard to access. The Ford Flex has addressed that issue with its second-row bucket seat configuration. This design gives the third-row passengers a pass-through to allow easy entry and exit from the vehicle. There are times when you won't need to use the third-tow. During those situations, you don't want to struggle to stow away the extra row of seating. To make life easier, the Ford Flex offers the one-touch PowerFold feature. PowerFold allows the vehicle owner to easily close the third-row seat with one touch of the button.

The Ford Flex is available at Bob Thomas Ford West today. Test-drive our popular mid-sized, three-row SUV today.


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