Ford Mustang: Sporting A Sleek Design Package

The Ford Mustang is a classic sports car that features modern design features. When other drivers meet you on the road in Fort Wayne, they'll see an aggressive grille and stylish headlights. As you sit inside the Mustang, you'll feel as though you're inside the cockpit of a plane as the design was taken from similar details.

When you're behind the steering wheel, you're going to be in a seat that has been adjusted so that it's comfortable while delivering the sporty feeling that you desire from the vehicle. The steering wheel and the gear shift are positioned so that there is plenty of room for your legs and to navigate the features on the dash.

Aside from the sleek interior design, you're also going to have the same stylish features on the exterior. Since the car hugs the ground, the aerodynamics are drastically improved. Drivers behind you can clearly see the tri-bar taillights while you're on the road. Bob Thomas Ford West can assist in adjusting any of the lights on the exterior or interior of the vehicle so that you can focus on handling the curves on the road.



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